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Upon registration, a deposit of DKK 1,400 per person is paid (ski trips DKK 1,600 per person).
Registration is then binding on the participants. The balance must be received by the agency without demand no later than 60 days before departure. Please check that all promised services have a receipt / participant certificate.

Balkan Holidays is not liable for promised services not affixed to the receipt.

paid unsolicited so that the travel agency receives it no later than 60 days before the day of travel. If you register later than 60 days before the day of departure, the entire price of the trip must be received by the agency no later than 48 hours after the registration. (On-line orders are paid immediately via the network) Payment made later than the mentioned due dates entitles the organizer to cancel the subscription.

The price includes - where nothing else is stated - the services that appear according to the travel catalog, including taxes, airport charges and contributions to the travel guarantee fund. Supplements for special services will appear in the price list. Expenses for passports, visas, insurance and the like are not covered by the price and the responsibility for these matters lies with the traveler himself. The price of the trip is calculated on the basis of applicable tariffs, taxes and exchange rates. The tour operator therefore reserves the right to make price changes caused by circumstances beyond the organizer's control before the time of departure. If a price increase is 10% or more, travelers are entitled to cancel the trip and have the amount paid fully refunded.

If the ticket is to be sent by mail, a shipping fee of DKK 50 will be added. (Shipping by post, can only be ordered by direct contact with the staff in the office)

ORDERING 'flight only' TICKETS (airline tickets only)
Note two price categories, when buying airline tickets without accommodation:
Price cat. 1: Low-budget ticket, non-refundable, no name change, date change. Ticket must be paid 24 hours after booking. The ticket is non-refundable.
Price cat. 2: Departure date and name can be changed up to 4 weeks before departure for a fee of DKK 400. Cancellation: Ticket can be canceled up to 4 weeks before departure, for a cancellation fee of 50%. Later than 4 weeks before departure, the ticket is non-refundable. All prices are incl. 20 kg checked baggage and 5 kilos of hand luggage.

Children's discounts on package tours are given at the age of 2-12 (2-14 for some packages)
Children under 2 years cost DKK 395, - Possibly. cot is charged directly with the hotel on site.

CANCELLATION (Not applicable to flight tickets) 
If canceled more than 28 days before departure, the amount paid will be refunded less the minimum deposit and sickness cancellation insurance.
If canceled later than 28 days but more than 14 days before departure, the organizer has the right to calculate 50% of the price of the trip (however minimum deposit) and sick cancellation insurance.
Cancellation less than 14 days but more than 6 days before the time of departure, the travel agency is entitled to in addition to the 50% calculate deposit and sick
cancellation insurance. repayment of any part of deposit.

The traveler has the option of buying a sick cancellation insurance, for DKK 295 / person, which reimburses the amount that has been paid, minus the insurance amount when canceling the trip due to acute illness or injury with the traveler or one of his relatives.

You should never travel without travel insurance. The yellow health insurance card has been abolished per. August 1, 2014. The exit of public travel health insurance is not without consequences for Danes, who have so far had better conditions than most other EU citizens. As you know, the blue EU health insurance card equates Danes with citizens in the country in question, and in some places there may be a deductible. For more information, please see.

If the participant wishes to change in whole or in part an already booked and confirmed trip, the following applies:
1) Up to 28 days before departure, a fee of DKK is calculated. 300, -
2) Less than 28 days before departure, the change is considered a cancellation (see above) and new subscription.

Double room, consisting of a room for two people. The room is equipped with either two single beds, a double bed or grandlit. In some double rooms there is the possibility of extra beds, however, the space may be cramped. Bathroom with bath or shower.
Beds: The bed standard at our destinations is often not the same as in Denmark. For example, the beds can be shorter than two meters and without a roller mattress.
Extra bed / cot: If you live in more than two rooms, the 3rd, 4th and 5th person often spend the night in an extra bed (sofa bed, bunk bed, folding bed, armchair or similar). Often the comfort is worse than in a regular bed, just as the bed can be shorter and narrower. An extra bed often reduces the space in the apartment / room. If the extra bed is a cot for children, you can expect to pay extra for this directly to the hotel.
Disability adaptation: If you are a wheelchair user, it is very important to inform us about this when booking the trip. Only a few areas / hotels are adapted for the disabled. You are always welcome to contact us regarding your choice.

Searching for forgotten cases must take place immediately after returning home. A special fee of DKK can be charged to cover the costs of the search. 100, - which is paid regardless of whether the requested item is provided or not.

Information about passports, visas and vaccinations applies to Danish citizens. If you are not a Danish citizen, you should, for practical reasons, seek information about the requirements for citizens of your country to enter the country in question. Before you order, inquire about how long it will take to get these formalities in order. You should also - when ordering - inform the agency if you do not have a Danish passport. The agency will be able to guide you properly. If you omit such information to the agency and it turns out that you are rejected at the border on transit or at the destinations in question because you do not have the necessary visas, etc., you can not make claims against the agency on that occasion.

Possibly. Compensation for lost or damaged luggage is not the responsibility of the travel agency. The claim for compensation must be addressed to the transport company / airline.
There must be no money, jewelry, precious metals, fragile or perishable items, mobile phones, computers, electronic items, bearer documents, securities or other valuables, business documents, passports or other identification documents in the checked baggage.

Any complaints must be made to the tour guide or the travel agency's local representative for on-site remediation within a reasonable time after the traveler has discovered the defect. Failure to do so will normally result in the loss of the right to claim compensation at a later date. However, this does not apply if the travel agency has acted in breach of ordinary honesty or gross negligence, or if the claim is due to damage to the traveler's person.
Complaints about errors or defects that could not be corrected at the destination must be submitted in writing to the travel agency no later than 2 weeks after the end of the trip.

Additional appeal bodies are for package travel: Package Travel Appeals Board, Røjelskær 11, 3rd floor, 2840 Holte, tel .: 45461100 And for 'flight only': The Consumer Complaints Board, - The Consumer Complaints

General provisions for participation in company travel adopted by the Danish Travel Agency Association and approved by the Consumer Council. The above is only an excerpt of our provisions. Upon request, we are happy to send the full wording.

SEP / 2016- we make reservations for any. printing error and possibly changes that may occur after the program has gone into print. Balkan Holidays is a member of the Travel Guarantee Fund, no. 386.

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