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Terms of payment

Registration and payment

Upon registration, a deposit of DKK 1,500 per person is paid (ski trips DKK 1,600 per person)
For 'flight only', the full amount is paid when booking.

Registration is then binding on the participants. The balance must, without demand, be received by the agency no later than 60 days before departure. Please check that all promised services have a receipt / participant certificate.

Balkan Holidays is not liable for promised services that do not have a receipt / certificate of participation.


Paid unsolicited so it is the travel agency in hand no later than 60 days before the day of travel. If you register later than 60 days before the day of departure, the entire price of the trip must be received by the agency no later than 48 hours after the registration. Payment made later than the mentioned due dates entitle the organizer to cancel the subscription.

 The price of the trip

The price includes - unless otherwise stated - the services that appear according to the travel catalog, including taxes, airport charges and contributions to the travel guarantee fund. Supplements for special services will appear in the price list. Expenses for passports, visas, insurance, and the like are not covered by the price and the responsibility for these matters lies with the traveler himself. The price of the trip is calculated based on applicable tariffs, taxes and exchange rates. The tour operator therefore reserves the right to make price changes caused by circumstances beyond the organizer's control before the time of departure. If a price increase is 10% or more, travelers are entitled to cancel the trip and have the amount paid fully refunded.


If canceled more than 28 days before departure, the amount paid will be refunded less the minimum deposit and sickness cancellation insurance.

If canceled later than 28 days but more than 14 days before departure, the organizer has the right to calculate 50% of the price of the trip (however minimum deposit) as well as sick cancellation insurance.

Cancellation less than 14 days but more than 6 days before the departure time, the travel agency is entitled to in addition to the 50% calculate deposit and sick

cancellation insurance, if canceled later than 6 days before departure, in case of late arrival or in the customer's absence without cancellation, the customer is not entitled to repayment of any part of deposit.

Sick cancellation insurance

The traveler has the option of purchasing a sick cancellation insurance which reimburses the amount the tour operator does not refund when canceling the trip due to acute illness or injury with the traveler or one of his or her relatives. The complete insurance conditions are provided on request and when purchasing the insurance.

Change of travel.

If the participant wishes to change in whole or in part an already booked and confirmed trip, the following applies:
1) Up to 28 days before departure, a fee of DKK is calculated. 300, -
2) Less than 28 days before departure, the change is considered a cancellation (see above) and new subscription.


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9/6Kun Fly Billund - Burgas 1uge Fra 1.949,-
9/6Kun Fly Billund - Burgas 2ugerFra 2.249,-
9/6Kun Fly Billund - Burgas 3ugerFra 2.549,-
9/6Hotel Briz *** 1uge inkl. HalvpensionFra 4.295,-
9/6Hotel Briz *** 2 uger inkl. HalvpensionFra 6.295,-
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