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Customs rules

In Bulgaria, there are special customs rules that you as a traveler must be aware of. To give you the full overview, we have gathered below the most important links where you can obtain information about the customs rules.

Read more about Customs Rules at

Read how much tobacco / cigarettes you can buy to take home

23/6Kun Fly Billund - Burgas 1ugeFra 2.949,-
23/6Kun Fly Billund - Burgas 2ugerFra 3.249,-
23/6Kun Fly Billund - Burgas 3ugerFra 3.349,-
23/6Hotel Briz *** 1uge inkl. HalvpensionFra 4.595,-
23/6Hotel Briz *** 2 uger inkl. HalvpensionFra 6.795,-